Virgo Man and Taurus Woman

Taurus and Virgo are both very similar in their ways and needs and so they make a comfortable connection with each other. They both value security and stability and hence admire each other for having these qualities. But Virgo’s pinning nature and Taurus’ stubborn attitude can create some problems between them.

Taurus people are passive, modest, generally composed and quite pleasant. You can count on the Taurus to be gentle and even tempered as well as good-natured and not easily angered. They are stable creatures who are stubborn in nature, keeping their feet planted so firmly on the ground that they become quite the pessimist. They are not big fans of argument and go beyond themselves to avoid such predicaments. The few times Taurus cannot avoid argument, one can see the fury within them. After this point, there is no calming the beast. Their occasional bits of humor and fun are as uncommon as their outbursts of anger. Being a bit more traditional, the Taurus people are often less than comfortable dealing with the realities of modern society, which can result in some anxiety.

Virgo possesses an often infallible judgment and precise analytical way of thinking. Their thoughts crowd with worry and the carefree lifestyle does not seem to be within reach for them. Virgos are very stable, down-to-earth and realistic people with some values in life. They can be very caring and devoted to their loved ones but at the same time highly critical and often painfully nagging too. Virgos usually have more than one problem. There are their own personal ones, which come in various shapes and sizes, plus those of all the chaotic, untidy, and careless people they know, the problems of the world – whose lives are a dreadful mess. Modest and extremely shy virtues cause them to appear as though they are playing hard to get or just not interested in keeping any relation or bond.

Virgo Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

Although both are earth signs, subtle differences in attitude are shown by the fact that Taurus is a fixed sign while Virgo is a mutable sign. The Taurus partner can easily become stuck in their ways, but Virgo adaptability will help propel Taurus out of that rut and on to bigger and better things. Meanwhile, the Virgo partner can sometimes be their own worst enemy, with self-criticism and a lack of self-confidence causing problems with self-esteem. The fact that Virgo can trust Taurus implicitly will help to mitigate this, much improving how Virgo feels about the world. In this way, Virgo and Taurus compatibility is of mutual benefit to the two signs.

Virgos admire Taurus. They have strength of purpose. Taurus people respect Virgos for their swift minds. However, Virgos are not too keen on the Taurus’ stubborn qualities when a mistake surfaces and Taurus has little time or patience for the Virgo health nut or their finicky ways. A few tiffs are no reason to be alarmed. In fact their common characteristics and favorable likes between the two outweigh the few upsets by far. The only problem may lie in Virgos annoyance with Taurus’ common sense since Virgo’s sense is far from common. Virgos want to serve the world and everyone who belongs in it by identifying their faults and bringing a systematic order to the confusion and disarray around them. Personal security is a virtue that Virgos work at creating for the future. Taurus, already being well grounded, chooses migrate into seclusion as well. Though Virgo and Taurus may be a boring pair, they are most assuredly compatible.

As disheartening as this all may be for the Virgos, they give the idea that they almost enjoy the hurt from their wounds. Perhaps because it gives their busy minds something else to think about. Taurus people have the same wounds but don’t care to conjure up old cracks in life. It’s a huge waste of time and energy to ponder over such intricacies for them. Even though this duo is truthful, dependable and reliable, their passive and receptive suspicious nature shows them as not the liveliest of pairs to meet in almost any kind of relationship. Some would even be surprised to see the two of them pair up together or work as a team for something. Virgos need constant cheering up as Taurus people are the patient ones in this aspect. Virgos appear calm and tranquil but deep down they are constantly questioning, worrying and wondering about inner frustrations especially when things don’t happen quick enough for them.

Relations mean a lot to both the Taurus and Virgo but they have different approaches to deal with them. Being friend, colleagues, siblings and relatives is comparatively easy for them as they share common interests or common roof to come in contact and this is a good thing for them. They are very helpful and love to guide each other in the right direction. Business venture can work with a great efficiency if they both go for a common interest and make money in that field. Romantic relationship between Taurus and Virgo can be very fulfilling but it may be quite slow as they both take their own time to decide over things. Parenthood is very important bond of life for them as they care for family ties while Taurus is caring, Virgo is a perfectionist and in both the cases children play an important role.

As Taurus and Virgos have some noticeable differences in their attitude and approach towards life and relationship, they have to compromise and look for a solution to maintain a relationship. Virgos have a habit of pointing out faults in people that the continue doing with Taurus too and it is certainly not liked by them as they are very self preserving people who are quite confident about themselves and their moves. Similarly Virgos are not expressive and this also hurts the Taurus who needs constant love and care to feel valued. On the other hand, the stubbornness of Taurus irritates Virgos when they have better ideas to work upon. They also find Taurus immature and easy going with world around them. With all these differences there are chances of clashes but if they give each other some time and are ready to see through the opinion of the other person there are chances of better results in their relationship.

Marriage Between Virgo Man and Taurus Woman

The unconditional love between a Taurus female and Virgo male leads them to the wonderful bonding called marriage. With time, they experience their love getting more intense and sweeter. They are able to enjoy and cherish every moment spent together. They are so fond of each other’s company that they don’t need anything extra to appreciate and enjoy life. Regular days become more interesting as holding one another’s hand means the most special thing to them.

Her care and strength helps him face the toughest times. She calms him and teaches him to enjoy every moment by just letting it go. She helps him relax and deal with his nervousness. His commitment and dedication means the world to her. He keeps her happy by ensuring that he gives her everything she desires. She may find it a little difficult to adjust with him in the start of their marriage but with time, the couple will be able to live a soothing life.

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