Virgo in Marriage

Once you Virgos have decided to tie the knot, you will find that those demons of self-consciousness and apprehension are starting to leave you. Even though will not be totally free from them, you will find ways to fight them; and more importantly, you will find a reason to fight them – a reason that is more important to you than any other in life. There will be a sense of security, like you have fought for something and now it’s yours.

Now this does not settle things, there is a lot to be done. It is important for you Virgos to relax and get comfortable with the everyday life after getting married. An important issue here is your constant fussing and worrying about things that are not such a big deal. You might get tensed about not having prepared a certain dish as well as you might have liked to, or getting a better couch for the drawing room. Now what happens is that this constant fretting does not make your life any better, but bothers your partner. Obviously, he/she would like you a lot more if you were relaxed and all your attention were on them. So when he/she accuses of being hung up on material objects and not giving them due attention, the allegation is not totally baseless.

Virgos make great parents, arousing their child’s curiosity in all kinds of stuff and encouraging them to take part in activities that are not part of their curriculum but great learning experiences. So no issues on that front, other than the fact that you sometimes need to curb that tendency to criticize their honest efforts. They need encouragement and appreciation just as much as constructive criticism and discipline – too much of one may stunt the growth of their personality. So don’t be as cold as you are while handing worldly issues, they deserve a lot more from you.

Overall, Virgos are really relentless in their efforts at making the home a better place for the partner. In doing so, they might work too hard – the husband at excelling in his career so that he can provide more, and the wife at keeping the house proper and everything in place so that the family has a comfortable place to live in. So you need to relax and sit down to enjoy what you worked so hard to achieve.

Virgo Male as a Husband

Virgo men do not draw attention to themselves: they insinuate their way into your life. Somehow they appear from behind the scenes and steel your heart: they were just a friend, maybe a no strings attached one-night-stand, yet before you know it you have become reliant on their know-how, happy to be an audience for their dry humour and pithy comments, and, well, used to them. To be honest, Mr Virgo can be tricky: he’s emotionally very self-contained and not open to intimacy - a stark contrast to his passion and his performance under the sheets, or anywhere come to that - he’s quite the dark horse. This man is drawn to highly-sexed and colourful, spontaneous women of the fire and air variety, yet when it comes to marriage (usually late and sometimes never) he’ll go for a safe bet.

Virgo Female as a Wife

She is a true woman. Her house will be full of sweet fragrance and beauty. She will take care of every need of her man. She will attend to her man when he falls sick. Feed him delicious food when he is hungry. Help her man in his professional and financial matters. Lucky him, right? All he has to do is to polish his manners and be a perfect man. (Asking for too much?) This woman has such clarity of vision that it’s difficult for anyone to sway her from her decisions. She will be a loyal companion if she feels she has found true love. And she won’t hesitate to call it quits, if she meets her real soul-mate out of wedlock. She can get critical of her man.

Virgo Love Compatibility