Asteroids in Virgo

The asteroid in Virgo belt consists of innumerable objects that orbit in a diffuse belt between Mars and Jupiter. By the patterns of our solar system and the laws of harmonics reflected in the planetary orbits, we deduce that the asteroids are fragments of a planet which once occupied that orbit and for whatever reason broke apart and disintegrated. Many modern astrologers include asteroids in their astrological delineations.

Chiron in Virgo

Chiron in Virgo - You need to bring about the fullest potential in the analytical and critical way in which you deal with work, health or service. The answer lies in the missing part of something you have. It may be that, for instance, you work too hard and need to explore its opposite. You could be sabotaging your success at work and need to appreciate it more. You may need to use more common sense and practical reasoning (earth).

Vesta in Virgo

Vesta in Virgo is the Healer of the world/Priestess Earth Mother. This is the Goddess energy of healing the soil, the land and shows our connection to all living earthly things. Vesta in Virgo truly carries the Virgin energy as it is truly intended. Virginity is not so much a physical being, as an ability to recreate and regenerate the self into a new being when necessary and this placement sometimes has to learn this lifetime often through its wounds in order to generate the life lessons.

Ceres in Virgo

Ceres in Virgo is strongly placed, and fosters a sense of service to others, a love of work, and a feeling of competence. This placement leads to excellence in craftsmanship, but under stress can bring a perfectionist attitude. Parents may be overly critical, or one’s inner parent may never be satisfied with the result. Work in the health services or food industry is common with this placement. Put them to work, especially detailed work. Sometimes Ceres in Virgo people will try to nurture you by criticizing you. Don’t let them get away with it. However, they can also feel nurtured if you give them a highly detailed criticism. This is OK in moderation, but don’t let yourself get carried away. If you are a parent with a Ceres in Virgo child, always give them work to do around the house - or even in your business!

Likes to nurse people. The nurturers of the world, they give of their own energies to revitalize and restore people who come into their sphere of contact. Being interested in nutrition, they care for the body properly. Here is growth without waste. These people identify nurturance with perfection or with service. Ideally, the mothering experience can foster the child’s sense of competence, discrimination, and self-discipline, which gives the ability to extend skills to others.

Nurturing is expressed through teaching others to achieve excellence by right application of skills and talents. Feelings of self-worth arise through mastering a skill or technique and expressing it in the work world, or through feeling useful to others. Imbalance often results when the children are constantly criticized for their efforts, no matter how good they were. This can lead to an obsessive need to be perfect and to be critical of the imperfections of others.

Eros in Virgo

If Eros is in the sign Virgo then you’ll experience love, sex and attraction with great discernment…even worry. You might be more paranoid about your sexual prowess than other signs however remember that you are an earth sign, which gives you an extraordinary lusty appetite and a natural ability to offer sensual pleasure to any lover. Eros in Virgo loves in a methodical way and this is your approach to sex as well. Taking care of the details in love and sex will be the doorway to erotic ecstasy in your world.

With Eros in Virgo you have a natural ability to purify yourself through love and sex and you also strive to make your lover a better person. Be careful however, of your tendency to nit-pick and find faults in a lover that aren’t really there. If this happens, it might be a reflection of your own feelings of inadequacy creeping in. At its best however, Eros in Virgo can be the perfect blend of intellectual and physical eroticism.

Planets in Virgo