Jupiter in Virgo

If you have Jupiter in Virgo, you have a cautious, intellectual, analytical, and practical nature with an uncanny ability to sift the wheat from the chaff and determine the essential from the non-essential and the truth from the fiction. Your judgment is usually excellent and this helps bring success in business or work in general. You have a strong desire to expand your field of knowledge and to develop technical skill. On the negative side, you can at times be cynical, carping, critical, and mistrusting of others. There can be times when you get lost in the details and lose the bigger picture. There may be a dislike for exercise.

The natural expansiveness of Jupiter is held down in Virgo, so you tend to be cautious, practical, critical, and discriminating, particularly in matters of religion, philosophy, and your higher education. With your great attention to detail it’s important that you don’t lose sight of the larger picture. You’d make a good nurse, dietician, detective, researcher, or employed in service of any kind. If your Jupiter is afflicted, beware of being petty, irritable and over-critical. You have a fantastic appetite for detail work, and can take it all in and still look for more.

Planets in Virgo