Moon in Virgo

If you have the Moon in Virgo, you are very sensitive, cautious, and perhaps shy about showing others your feelings. Though you may love and care for someone a great deal, you rarely express those feelings openly and freely. You are perhaps more mental than emotional, at least outwardly. Very often your love for someone will be expressed by trying to help them, doing something tangible to benefit them, or serving them in some way. It may be difficult for you to receive warmth, affection, or appreciation, for you often feel that you don’t really deserve it or that "they don’t really mean it". You can therefore seem rather cool and aloof, much more so than you feel. At times you can be so critical of others that you drive them and their love away.

You need to learn how to forgive yourself and others when you or they do not measure up to perfection. This need of yours for perfection can be quite stifling to your own happiness. You tend to be industrious, trustworthy, intuitive, reserved, practical and down-to-earth, especially where emotions are concerned. Intelligence, usefulness and fastidiousness are important themes. You have the ability to analyze people and situations and, then, find the quickest, most efficient method of accomplishing whatever is needed. This may make you an excellent housekeeper, nurse and/or manager. You must, however, watch your tendency to nit-pick or to become overly fussy concerning small details. You like to serve others, but find it difficult to understand the feelings of others. Your greatest need is to learn tolerance and to serve those around you.

With Moon in Virgo you are concerned and caring when it comes to the welfare of others, but criticism and lack of empathy sometimes stand in your way, particularly in personal relationships. Reserved in expression and not too emotional, you are attentive, observant, competent, careful, and above all responsible: able to respond. You get upset over petty details, and can get into quarreling constantly if the moon is afflicted. A desire to perfect everyone around you can lead to indigestion and a bad case of nerves. You need to learn to look at your critical thoughts and to detach yourself from them, to put your attention on the details of your work or to develop more positive thinking habits. Otherwise your health can be affected by too much negative emotion. Due to an inferiority complex, you may need to be thought of as intellectually superior. In a male’s chart this would attract a quiet, demure mate, who, if the moon were afflicted, would be critical and nag.

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