Neptune in Virgo

Neptune in Virgo tends to lower the self-confidence resulting a feeling of inner discontent. However, if Virgo is prominent in the chart, Neptune in Virgo will stimulate the imagination that is sometimes lacking with earthy Virgo.

Neptune was in Virgo for everyone on Earth from August 1929 through September 1942 (and April through July 1943 as well), the first time since the American Revolution. Souls who incarnated during this period brought with them the growth of psychology and psychiatry and a growing awareness of the relationship between mental attitude and physical well being. There is sometimes a tension or cloudiness between emotions and reason with this placement, and a need to overcome negative emotions which cause nervousness and dis-ease in the body.

Forgetting yourself through service to others is helpful in this regard, and being too critical can be dissolved through suffering or greater acceptance of that which just is. Physical health through exercise, diet, vitamins, life-extension aids, and right livelihood is an ideal for this era. Song lyrics also became important, as well as a great love of details and trivia. Although Neptune is said to be poorly placed in Virgo—its being the sign opposite its dignity, Pisces—being in "detriment" is not as important on an individual level as such a placement is for the personal planets.

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