Pluto in Virgo

Pluto in Virgo: Possible tendency to be obsessive, depending on the rest of the chart. If Virgo is not emphasized anywhere else in the chart, this may not be a problem. Also, a possible tendency to overcritical.

Pluto was in Virgo for everyone on Earth from October 1956 to October 1971 (and again in April through July 1972 as well), the first time since 1720. Since Pluto is considered to be exalted in Pisces, it is therefore thought to be in its "fall" in Virgo, meaning that Virgo is Pluto’s weakest sign position. I feel that this assignation is rather experimental with Pluto, and that the sign attributes of dignity and exaltation are in general not that individually significant for the outer planets. Since Virgo is the last of the personal signs whose hallmark is self-adjustment, souls born during this 14-year period have been given many experiences to purge and purify egocentric self-importance, and to learn greater humility.

The Sixties saw a sea change in our relationship to health and well-being, with revolutionary emphases on natural foods, life styles, and holistic and naturopathic health practices; and a rededication to the Earth goddess and her teachings. Individuals with this placement tend to be radical when it comes to self-analysis, health care, food, and physical well being; and many find that serving and caring for themselves and others become their sources of inner growth and change. Being of service, and sacrificing personal desire to society and to the collective is accomplished by learning practical techniques or skills to better serve the larger whole. Many souls born into this period have an intense desire for purity and perfection, hallmarks of the sign Virgo.

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