Virgo Woman in Bed

The Virgo woman is known to be an intelligent, perfectionist and seductive goddess whose attraction demands the attention of every human being, whether male or female. If you are trying to court a Virgo woman you might find it a bit difficult at first.

This is because she is a highly complex and intelligent individual who prefers to criticize everything carefully before making a decision. However, once you have passed this phase the journey for you will be entirely smooth.

Virgo Woman in Love Relationships

When it comes to relationships, Virgo women tend to be very loyal and dependable as they take the necessary precautions to weigh all the present facts before settling down for a commitment. They take romance very seriously, and that is why you will find that they prefer to be single than committed to the wrong man.

They prefer to wait for Mr. Right. This should not be mistaken for her wanting a perfect man. It just means that the Virgo girl wants someone who is the perfect match for her own personality and lifestyle. If you are deeply interested in getting into a relationship with a Virgo female, you must make room for her love of perfectionism. That is indeed the overriding trait about the Virgo zodiac sign.

She believes that whatever needs to be done must be done perfectly well, including matters of the bedroom. She is the kind of person who will watch your every move and reaction closely to see how you react to her touch. You might find that all your actions and mannerisms are being examined by your Virgo lover. In contrast to that, she could opt to explore deeply the aspects of your relationship and spot the areas that need to be improved; including making you happy. It can work either way, depending on your perception of it, if you intend to seriously date her.

Virgo Woman Sexual Horoscope

So often, the sizzle in sex is in the details, and Virgo is a master of minutiae. The lover as perfectionist is Virgo personified, someone who will see to it that the little things are never overlooked. The Virgo finishes what it starts in the bedroom, and this cozy chamber is likely to be a dreamy den done with discriminating taste. The servant in Virgo is only more than happy to be everything their lover desires; if that lover can bring out Virgo’s sensual self, the reward will be a most liberated lover. A cool exterior tends to mask Virgo’s wild side, often a fantasy world filled with erotica safely under wraps. The lover who can reach these sexual treats is lucky, indeed.

Virgo woman will never exaggerate the meaning of sexual pleasure. Earthy and well organized, she can’t believe that sex can be more than just a physical satisfaction. Her scenario is simple: the less exotic, the better. Probably she won’t be the one to introduce new ideas in your bedroom, so it may take you some time to warm her up for such experiments. It is better to start with a foreplay, tender stroking all over her body. Virgo woman is slow to fire up and prefers try-and-true techniques of love making. Once Virgo is excited, she will be ready for more. May be she is too shy to admit that her inner self needs a submissive role, but if you try to spank her buttocks her reaction can be pretty unexpected.

Virgo Woman Passion in Bed

The Virgo woman craves purity and charm for her to make love. She is, therefore, highly unlikely to jump into a quick fling that is no-strings attached. This has been explained to be as a result of her cautious nature to ensure everything important is in place before they can make love to anyone. This is to say that she and her partner must have a sense of deeper feelings even if they are not deeply in love with each other. Therefore, she will probably prefer a romantic and pure environment, as opposed to the back seat of your car.

The Virgo woman indeed has a crazy sex drive but this does not mean that you can be pushy with her sexually. She is not a fan of promiscuity and prefers sexual relationships that have a deeper meaning; Hence, her willingness to engage in long-term commitments. The Virgo woman highly respects men who are honest about sex and love compatibility in relationships. However, as much as she has all these preferences defined, she is quite liberal when it comes to making love. Due to her perfectionist nature (again) that makes her crave for that perfect smooth ride. She will pay detailed attention to what you like.

She will even go as far as try out new things that she has never imagined before. Yes, she can be adventurous depending on the situation she is subjected to. Just remember your Virgo mate’s critical nature only aims at helping you to improve and develop personally as opposed to putting you down. If you get into a relationship with a Virgo woman, then you will be signing up for an affectionate, caring and understanding partner who will do anything to keep the flames in your relationship burning.

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